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Ray Kaan was born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan by a working class family. Ray was introduced to the blues when he was only but 5 years old. Even then Ray knew he had a connection to its raw emotion.

One day his father turned on the TV and landed on the PBS SRV's tribute concert. Ray was mesmerized. That event was the catalyst for Ray - he could not get enough of it. He looked at his father's life and put it together that the Blues was about working hard and the struggle just to stay alive.

Ray wanted badly to play the guitar like the greats that he listened too. Seeing this, his father got him his first guitar at age 6. Even though it was just made of cheap plastic, it helped Ray explore his passion.

Ray would sit and watch a tape of that SRV tribute over and over again, studying it. He would string it and pluck around finding that right note learning everything by ear. After years of hard work, Ray developed his own unique style.

Ray went from jamming with friends to actively pursuing his dream as a blues artist. Each time he plays his passion bleeds out onto the strings of his guitar. The blues run through his veins and eat at his soul. Watching Ray play his guitar is like watching someone in high stakes poker game, knowing they have the winning hand.

There is no question as to where Ray will go from here. His talent and his passion will carry him to wherever his heart wants him to go. Ray Kaan, in his short time in this world, has made a leap of faith and paid the price in dedication to his art.